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Complete with its 510(k) FDA clearance, the ImageQube is Intuitive Imaging Informatics’ Web-based PACS. Available at either the Diagnostic or Clinical level, the ImageQube provides the ability to easily distribute patient information across your enterprise, to your referring physician base, around the world for special consults or even directly to a patient in the comfort of their home. The ImageQube’s comprehensive and efficient network architecture provides real-time radiology services to your referring physician base and on-call radiologists.

The ImageQube adheres to imaging standards (HIPAA, DICOM, HL7 and IHE), providing standard interfaces to our own Rational Imaging PACS as well as other PACS systems. This facilitates remote Web-based diagnosis and viewing from any PACS environment. Images and transcribed reports can be received from any standards-based PACS, RIS or imaging acquisition device, facilitating inter-vendor communication.

The ImageQube’s unique ability to run on any operating system platform (Windows, Macintosh, Solaris or Linux) makes it very economical and versatile. Your referral base will appreciate the fact that they do not need to change hardware platforms to receive clinical information.

Using highly compressed, full-resolution, wavelet technology, the ImageQube provides your users access to medical images, annotated print pages, transcribed reports or low bandwidth Key Image Summaries. The teleradiology module provides full patient study data to be “pushed” to specified users for totally secure diagnostic, on-call capabilities. Full diagnostic fidelity is supported even on low bandwidth networks due to ImageQube’s advanced wavelet compression algorithms.

Using role-based privileges, the ImageQube maintains an audit trail of each login and access to clinical information. An important feature of the ImageQube is the ability to share access privileges with other users without the interaction of a system administrator. Inte-grated HTTPS (Secure Layer Transmission) capabilities provide data encryption without the need for expensive VPN requirements. This protects your valuable data from malicious inspection over the Internet. These features make the ImageQube system the easiest and most secure clinical reporting system available.

The ImageQube Diagnostic Workstations are available in a variety of Greyscale or color monitor configurations to suit your Diagnostic needs.

° FDA 510(k) Clearance (excluding Mammo)
° Paperless Workflow Supported by:
  *ability to acquire and display requisitions
  *attach dictated clinical reports and images in many various formats, including
    PDF and Microsoft Word.
° Teleradiography scheduling allows users:
  *to log in as "on-call"
  *to selectively filter exams to be automatically downloaded to a home     workstation following acquisition.
° Provides ability for remote readers to work offline, yet maintain clinical workflow.
° Instant Messaging for enhanced communications.
° State-of-the-art, 3-D capabilities for improved Diagnostic functionality.
° Teaching files available by sanitizing existing exams of pertinent demographic information.


A dedicated compression server is available for the ImageQube as an independent component. Purchase of the compression server as a stand-alone product improves efficiency, while relieving the burden of compression on Diagnostic or Clinical systems.