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“ImageQube is an easy way for radiologists to immediately provide input to referring physicians at the point of patient care, wherever that may be…I believe that it will dramatically improve the way we provide imaging services.”

Robert Lufkin, M.D.,
UCLA Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA

“…As Director of Radiology for a medium sized community hospital, I must evaluate our PACS investment through the critical lenses of reliability; scalability; workflow; service & support; total cost-of-ownership. Given that our facility has over 1 million studies in our archive with excellent uptime statistics our facility continues to increase ROI…as long as Intuitive Imaging continues to deliver state-of-the-art technology and provide outstanding service, Mercy Medical Center will utilize Intuitive Imaging Informatics PACS and recommend Intuitive Imaging Informatics…”

Duane Dzingle
Mercy Medical Center
Cedar Rapids, IA

“…Intuitive Imaging Informatics has provided Regional Radiology Associates with timely service & support, and enhanced functionality with the recent PACS software upgrade…the reliability and functionality of Intuitive Imaging Informatics products and services enables me to focus on patient imaging and service to our referring physicians…”

Dominick Patella, RT
Chief Tech & PACS Administrator
Regional Radiology
Staten Island, NY

“…Atlantic City Medical Center was at a crucial point in our PACS life cycle. Our installed system was 5 years old and consisted of 26 UNIX workstations and servers. We had exhausted room in our tape archive and our workstations were “end of life” systems. To add to our dilemma our vendor Canon Medical Systems was exiting the PACS market. We had to decide to move forward with a new system or maintain the current one. Knowing that Intuitive Imaging Informatics (I3) was the development team for the original software sold by Canon, we began to evaluate our options. After careful evaluation of the possibilities it was determined that the cost to replace our system was too expensive, and upgrading the existing system was the most financially responsible approach. The upgrade cost of our entire PACs system was less than $108,000. This included a database software upgrade, an application upgrade and the addition of 18 months worth of on-line storage. From the very beginning I3 was well organized, worked with our schedule and provided superb upgrade support. The entire upgrade took approximately 12 hours with only 7 hours of time where the system was offline.

The added functionality such as “on the fly MPR” and their Anatomical Triangulation algorithm were seen as real productivity boosters. Incorporating online storage significantly decreased the time required to view a prior exam, and decreased the requests to mount old tapes. Additionally even without replacing our 5 year old workstations we noticed a performance increase on the workstations. I3 has taken their tried and true Rational Imaging application and raised it to a new level. The system runs problem free. Our only issues are with the addition of new modalities and the way each vendor interprets the DICOM standard. I3 always comes through resolving DICOM issues in a timely manner with excellent results.
Anyone looking for a PACS system should look at the I3 solution…”

Nicholas J. VanDuyne
Director of Customer Services
AtlantiCare Health Systems

"What impresses me about ImageQube is that it is a reliable and fast, yet very cost-effective, means to enhance workflow within the radiology department and throughout the enterprise."

Daniel J. Valentino
Associate Professor of Radiological Sciences,
University of California at Los Angeles

"Having multiple installations, our experience with the ImageQube from both a support and functionality view, has been outstanding.  With the features provided by ImageQube, many of our clinicians have integrated its use as a crucial part of daily patient care.  The speed of physician acclimation to the system has been more than impressive.  I would certainly offer this system with confidence."

Michael Powell
Vice-President, Medical Imaging Sales & Services



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